Successful Preventive Programs for Treatment of Addictions


Diversity Of Preventive Programs

There is a diversity of preventive programs based on conceptions various and contradictory, without scientific bases that allow facing the variation of the demand or the characteristics of special groups such as women, teenagers, or natives; without evaluation from results, and by people who, despite their best wishes, are not qualified to carry out this project. job.

Reduce The Damage to Health

Reduce the damage to health that may cause by addictive substances. Without a doubt, prevention is the fundamental and most desirable goal for all diseases. However, in the case of addictions and due to the number and variety of substances, their effects on individuals, on society and on the Condition and as well due to the normative existing legal, I know treats from a challenge extremely complex.

Prevention The Consumption from Drugs

The prevention the consumption from drugs, is a priority strategy that has the purpose of communicating messages and developing actions that, in addition to providing the population, especially children and young people, with objective and adequate knowledge about drugs and the effects of their consumption, facilitate the development of attitudes and behaviours that generate lifestyles healthy.

What results have the activities developed by these institutions and the application of the rules? On the reports what yield in view of the Commission for the Control the Abuse from drugs.

Successful Preventive Programs

I know they report big advances that contradict the preliminary results. Undoubtedly, the growth of consumption and the number of addicts explains by a single factor, but among them the inefficiency of many of the preventive programs considered. Organization establishes regarding successful preventive programs.

It seems necessary to modify the conception that inspires the current policy of the State to understand that it is a problem that requires comprehensive solutions, which view supply and demand as part of the same chain, in which in addition to allocating significant resources to each one from these aspects, is necessary train to the people who participate on every a from the chores inherent, providing them with up-to-date scientific knowledge to perform better.

Treatment Of Addictions

The treatment of addictions legislation. The Single Convention also requires the signatory States to establish treatments and therapies that considers necessary for the rehabilitation from the addicts. Also in this case, the space for interpretation is enormous.

Five Treatment Models

According to five treatment models recognizes: the outpatient, the hospitalized, the professional model, the mutual help model, the mixed model, and a wide variety of other options, placed called: alternative models.. It also establishes the minimum conditions for a treatment center to operate in accordance with its objectives, providing quality services and in a framework of respect for human rights.